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a love note from abigail...  { 19 Oct 08 }

Oh, Paula, we are still catching our breath. They are absolutely amazing, and we aren't even finished looked at them all.

You have given us the gift of remembering our dearest family and close friends just as I hoped we could. These are the photos we will share with our future children when we say, this is what your grandfather looked like, and look at how handsome your great grandfather was, and this is what mom and dad used to look like...(and they'll giggle and say, you used to look like THAT?). We cannot thank you enough for giving us that. We will always cherish your's kinda crazy to think about, but one day, my great great grandchildren will look at these and her mother will explain, "that's Abby, your great great grandmother, on the day she was married to Avi right here, didn't they look happy? You came from a happy family." Does it boggle your mind that your work will be appreciated long after both of us are gone? Avi's birthday is tomorrow, and he told me to tell you that you have given him the BEST gift in birthday gift history. So much for my Blues Traveler tickets. ; )

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