Heidi: I love the one where they're crossing the street and the bigger images are really great! (03 Apr 08 @ 9:01pm)

Carly: Thank you so much for getting the pictures up so quickly! We absolutely love them. My family is going nuts over them. Mark and I had such a good time with you and Mike. We can't wait to take the wedding pictures! (28 Mar 08 @ 1:20pm)

Lori Polin: OMG you guys look like models. What amazing, artistic pictures. Of course the subjects are pretty great looking :) Thanks so much for sending them to me. Can't wait for the wedding photos. (26 Mar 08 @ 7:11pm)

Christina: Amazing pictures!! You two look wonderful and so in love. The big day is just around the corner! (26 Mar 08 @ 3:20pm)

lindsey: LOVE this last one with the bridge ever so slightly there in the background. (25 Mar 08 @ 11:05pm)

Mark & Carly: Hi Mike & Paula, Mark and I had so much fun exploring the city with you two! We can't wait to see the pics!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip :) (25 Mar 08 @ 12:01am)