sonja: I hope, I hope, I hope you are available to shoot our special day! These are simply perfect and exactly what I am looking for!!! (24 Apr 08 @ 1:33pm)

Emi: You guys, these are gorgeous! I LOVE your B&W's. (14 Mar 08 @ 12:17pm)

Robert Post: looking good and happy!!!! (09 Mar 08 @ 3:35am)

alyson and erik: thank you so much, the photos look awesome! we are so happy that we picked you guys!! (08 Mar 08 @ 6:44pm)

Melissa McClure: Ahhh those are the earrings I bought for my wedding! Love them :) Gorgeous shots! I love the blue rock! (07 Mar 08 @ 10:46pm)

sis n law: yet again you create a symphony in photos..bravo to the talented end of the fam. :D (07 Mar 08 @ 7:15pm)