Miranda Slater: You were right! What a great shoot! I'm so excited for our engagement photo session :) (23 May 08 @ 10:57pm)

Anna Jones: i LOVE this shoot - you guys are the.best. (02 Apr 08 @ 6:02pm)

Melissa Koehler: What a cute couple. You guys got some great shots! I love the alley one. (13 Feb 08 @ 10:26am)

ben c: the arrow photo totally works. great frame. (13 Feb 08 @ 12:30am)

Heidi: Love them all. Especially the second one! (11 Feb 08 @ 2:25pm)

Michelle & Kris: Ahhhhh!!!!! These are amazing!!! The suspense was killing us and we were hoping you were going to post a sneak preview on your blog tonight. We had such a great time with you guys and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and for the wedding. (10 Feb 08 @ 11:53pm)