Daniel Zain: I love that first photo too, there's nothing about the photo that i would change. (22 Nov 07 @ 12:33am)

hae jean son: Hi Mike and Paula! It was really nice meeting with the two of you that day. Looks like you updated your blog~ Keep up the good work! Haej (19 Nov 07 @ 11:25am)

Melissa Koehler: I really like the first shot! These are all great! (19 Nov 07 @ 1:01am)

paula & jeff isham: You really captured in the 4th photo of how proud oliver is to be the owner of Molly & Tim :) (17 Nov 07 @ 8:41pm)

jonathan canlas: man, I love that first shot. (16 Nov 07 @ 10:44pm)