jeannette: studio looks clean, contemporary & classy! awesome job, guys! (02 Dec 07 @ 9:28pm)

Jonilyn: Ahhh... Love it!!! You guys have such a beautiful space.. and I'm honored that you have a pic of us up =) (20 Nov 07 @ 6:16pm)

Melissa Koehler: Looks amazing. Great job you two! (19 Nov 07 @ 1:01am)

leigh miller: so this is why we couldnt walk today! jk. looks great! really great! maybe i can come by and see in person tomorrow :) (15 Nov 07 @ 3:44pm)

e-roq: i spy some barcelonas. droooll.... looks sweet guys! (15 Nov 07 @ 12:40pm)

cesar perez: wow! this is looking great! (15 Nov 07 @ 11:53am)