Melissa Koehler: WOW, these are amazing. Awesome job (06 Nov 07 @ 11:21pm)

Lee M: Stunning, the photos are absolutely beautiful! Number 6 is my favourite :) (31 Oct 07 @ 2:23pm)

Judy Whitmer: Punky, you look gorgeous just like you did that night. Carey looks so handsome. What a beautiful couple. (31 Oct 07 @ 9:55am)

Daniel Zain: Great coverage! That's a unique cake right there. I love the contrast in your shots. (29 Oct 07 @ 9:23am)

Dana M.: Love it! We are so impressed! (28 Oct 07 @ 10:18pm)

Lisa P.: Awww, the prado! What a treat it is to visit and see what you two have been up to. Keep it up. : ) (28 Oct 07 @ 1:08pm)

Jennifer: I LOVE the shot of the bride and the portrait of the groom, wow! (26 Oct 07 @ 10:35am)