Heidi: I love it, it's so you and Mike! Do you think it would be alright if we moved in downstairs?? ; ) (18 Oct 07 @ 11:14am)

leigh miller: looks great already! cant wait to see what you do to it! congrats. (17 Oct 07 @ 9:02am)

jeannette: sweet...can't wait to see it! :) super excited for you guys! (16 Oct 07 @ 3:26pm)

matt sloan: yeah! (16 Oct 07 @ 3:26pm)

Alison Ganz: Oh my gosh! Are these the new lofts at the bottom of the B Street hill? The space looks very Jonathan Segal-esque. So jealous! Can Mike come over and vacuum our place next? :) (16 Oct 07 @ 1:51pm)