amber: i am a HUGE fan of your work. im am in the process of startiny own photography business and would like to know what macro lens you are shooting with for that ring shot. thanks so much for sharing your talent and inspiring me ;) (31 Aug 07 @ 3:10pm)

Lisa Peterson: Hi Mike and Paula! These are SO beautiful...just got back from Fiji and got my first peak at them! They are so awesome I can't believe it. Can't wait to see more!!! Thank you for everything that day. You guys are so great and were such a pleasure to have at our wedding! Thank you! (07 Aug 07 @ 2:57pm)

paula: nancy: thank you for your comment! we had an incredible time at lisa and adam's wedding. stay tuned...their gallery is coming soon! jeff: thanks, that's one of my favorites, too! melissa: it was awesome to meet you, too. keep up the great work! (03 Aug 07 @ 9:16am)

nancy collins: What beautiful photos! You captured Lisa and Adam on their happy day so well. Can't wait to see more! (27 Jul 07 @ 5:05pm)

jeff peterson: the photos are absolutely stunning! the first one of lisa is unbelievable. You guys are awesome! (27 Jul 07 @ 1:05pm)

Melissa McClure: Beautiful images! I love the B&W shot of the guys! it was so nice meeting you two today, you are very sweet, exactly like I had imagined! (23 Jul 07 @ 9:44pm)