daddy-o: i don't know if i'd like one. i'd probably sleep all day long. i'm sure i'm not alone! it looks so comfy. (17 Aug 07 @ 10:03pm)

ed pingol: yes!!!! i love ultra sleek/modern furniture. where'd he get it and how much? we're so doing our backyard this summer and that would be perfect. //ed (21 Jun 07 @ 3:20pm)

nate kaiser: so when i can i place my order for our set?!?!!? that thing kicks ass mike!!! (21 Jun 07 @ 12:30pm)

jaclyn: mike...can you make us some of those!!!!! that is one beautiful chair. amazing! (21 Jun 07 @ 11:57am)

Becky Canales: Well done Mike!! (21 Jun 07 @ 9:14am)

jon canlas: thats pretty amazing. (19 Jun 07 @ 5:19pm)