Chester Rivenburg: Hey very nice blog! (27 Dec 14 @ 2:34pm)

Natalia: wow..awesome pics, really nice job! (04 May 14 @ 9:56pm)

Joann Lowis: You guys are great and I love your work. Keep it up! (29 Nov 13 @ 3:42am)

Orange County Wedding Photographer : Your photos are stunning! The way you utilize lighting in different situations shows that you have expertise. Fantastic work my friend. I will stop by again. (23 Aug 13 @ 3:03pm)

Raul Pete Lugo: Amazing work! (12 Nov 12 @ 4:15pm)

Andrea: As a Southern Illinois Photographer I genuinely enjoy seeing the creativity of fellow artists. I think you have some very nice photos and I just wanted to say good job! (07 Oct 12 @ 6:33pm)

Susan M. : Thank you for sharing your photos with us! xo (26 Sep 12 @ 9:33am)

canvas prints: i so love the photos here (07 Sep 12 @ 7:08am)

nikah ?ekeri: good pictures, thank you very much. (14 Feb 12 @ 3:30am)

Kristine: Your blog looks amazing!! Great work. You two are a dynamic duo indeed. The Cabo pictures made me realize how much I need a vacation! I'm going to go check out your site now and see what's new! (31 Jul 08 @ 2:59pm)

christine and mike: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing!!!!!!! We are in Positano, Italy on our 8th day of our honeymoon and we were so excited to see the photos. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! We absolutely love them! (28 Jul 08 @ 11:44pm)

V and Fiona: Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the great e-session... we were nervous at first, but you guys really helped to make it fun =) Can't wait for the pictures... blog watch 2008 has officially begun =p (15 Jun 08 @ 11:42pm)

susan yee: paula & mike! i had so much fun with you guys at vegas, we need to hang out again sometime ;) (20 Mar 08 @ 11:19am)

emilie inc.: Hi Paula and Mike. I've just read on the FW Forum that Paula is in Brooks' group. I am a mentor for that team and am looking forward to meeting you. Your eye is stunning! kindly, emilie (03 Dec 07 @ 8:52am)

paula: thanks mike...we had a great time meeting you guys, as well, and can't wait to work with you next year! thanks for braving the shrubbery for our little tour. ;) ttys! (22 Oct 07 @ 10:09am)

Mike Gunn: Just signed with Lunaphoto after meeting with a number of other wedding photographers. Their work basically speaks for very cool and fun couple. Looking forward to working with them! (21 Oct 07 @ 11:55pm)

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Alison Ganz: Just dropping by for my "Luna fix". I just can't get enough of your photography! Your work keeps getting more and more amazing! You guys are fantastic! Andy and I will need to have another wedding, just so we can work with you again! :) Hope to see you soon! (07 Jul 07 @ 4:04pm)

brandi shigley: i really really love your work!! you guys are the dynamic duo. so happy to have met you in san diego. yours till the cows fly over the moon, brandi shigley (24 May 07 @ 4:35pm)

jen: i just wanted to drop in to say hi! your blog looks great, i can't wait to get started on mine. keep up the great work! (15 May 07 @ 4:56pm)

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