Razzak: Very nice topic. "a NYC city hall wedding" is very nice post thanks. (28 Dec 12 @ 4:11am)

paula luna: hi megan..i definitely will! also, i will be updating our fan page with details as well if youd like to follow us there! looking forward to meeting you! http://goo.gl/ME7D0 (29 Dec 11 @ 12:57pm)

Megan Coleman: I see that my comment went through after-all! Please keep me in mind when you put out a schedule for a workshop. (28 Dec 11 @ 8:15am)

Josh Mitchell: Very cute session! (26 Dec 11 @ 8:58pm)

Megan Coleman: Omg you just HAVE to host a workshop! And if you do already do them, I need to attend one. This is more then likely my most favorite blog post I've seen from you, and I am in love with it! You are amazing (: (26 Dec 11 @ 12:28pm)

Stevie Gaines: Wonderful photos! I love the photo of the two dogs! :) (23 Dec 11 @ 10:20pm)

Kate: So fun, I LOVE this whole set! (23 Dec 11 @ 9:07pm)