melanie rebane: I absolutely love the lighting, the furnishings and how beautifully you captured the energy of this wedding...stunning- your work is simply stunning.. (28 Oct 11 @ 4:02pm)

kristen holly: Gorgeous event! Beautiful couple, venue, and light! Love your photojournalistic style :) (12 Oct 11 @ 7:32am)

Lydia Perkins: I think I have looked at this a thousand times. You two are amazing. You captured the event just perfectly, can we please do it again?! (09 Oct 11 @ 9:38am)

Michelle Stewart: Absolutely stunning!!!! I am completely blown away (08 Oct 11 @ 5:00pm)

Erin: Her hair is amazing. And I LOVE the exit shot you took of them! Too cute!!! (07 Oct 11 @ 7:31pm)

Amy Anaiz: These are gorgeous! Detail shots are amazing! Great shots of the crowd dancing!! :) (07 Oct 11 @ 12:07pm)

Jennifer Rea: Gorgeous wedding. I love how cool and different the florals are, especially those green vases. The set up of the venue/tent looks awesome too. (07 Oct 11 @ 11:18am)

Teresa: Lovely photos! So sun-filled and gorgeous! (07 Oct 11 @ 9:37am)

Michele Pearce: I've been waiting for this blog update! Great work as usual!! (06 Oct 11 @ 10:44pm)