Carey Thomas: LOOOVE this wedding and the details, its all so beautiful! I really need to travel to Mexico! (09 Aug 11 @ 5:36pm)

kelly: Love this post and your blog! More posts please:) (09 Aug 11 @ 4:52pm)

lisa: What an incredible place to have a wedding. Excellent work as usual. (09 Aug 11 @ 12:50pm)

Jeremy Peterson: I could live there, no doubt. ;) Great work as usual! (08 Aug 11 @ 9:39pm)

sara: amazing!!!! i love the photo of the flamenco dancers, i feel like i was there! (08 Aug 11 @ 9:24pm)

Michele: Absolutely gorgeous wedding, I love the details! Great work again!! =) (08 Aug 11 @ 9:15pm)