Jennifer Rea: This wedding looks gorgeous! Her dress and bouquet are stunning. The photography is amazing as usual! (01 Jun 11 @ 5:28pm)

Laura Burlton: Wow! I love that bouquet and the locket with the grandparentrs is so touching. I also love the street scenes. (27 May 11 @ 10:36am)

aga: pure perfection, lovin' it! (23 May 11 @ 7:12pm)

david: that last image, pretty much ridiculousness to the max. (10 May 11 @ 8:36pm)

Anika london: We love everything you do!! And what a gorgeous bride! (10 May 11 @ 1:46pm)

scott andrew: killing it my friend. the photo by the cab is brilliant :) (06 May 11 @ 11:39am)

Nicole Torres: I love that bouquet and what a beautiful bride! Great photos!! (06 May 11 @ 11:33am)