Karen: Just gorgeous :) (20 Apr 11 @ 5:12am)

Catherine Hall: Wow, love the new site! You have such a great eye for design :) IMpressed! (19 Apr 11 @ 2:54pm)

Anthony Luna: awesome collection. keep an eye for another military case. me wants! =) (28 Mar 11 @ 12:15pm)

Inspired Standard: We love the style on this! So inviting. (24 Mar 11 @ 2:47pm)

Casia Fletcher: Ummmmmm..... Can I give you my cc#.... I want it ALL! Fantastic job. I love everything about glassdeer and can't wait to see all your new finds. Shopping with you would be so much fun. (17 Mar 11 @ 11:50pm)

davina + daniel: that's awesome! photos & branding look so good - makes me want to buy everything! good luck with this new venture! (17 Mar 11 @ 10:28pm)