paula luna: thanks david! (04 Mar 11 @ 8:51pm)

David Josue: Love this series! (04 Mar 11 @ 8:17pm)

Heather: What an awesome location. I feel like taking a road trip to the desert now. I want that truck/car door on my wall. (04 Mar 11 @ 7:43pm)

paula luna: thanks! its right down the road from the hotel..near some walking trails that i hiked while i was up there. (04 Mar 11 @ 7:14pm)

Carrie: Was the first one taken near the hotel? What a great photo! (04 Mar 11 @ 7:11pm)

Kell: I LOVE this set of photos, I want to visit now! =) (04 Mar 11 @ 6:58pm)