RainingBlossoms: I like the new site. It looks great. (11 Jan 13 @ 3:15am)

Lana: Great new site!! Cheers! (09 Feb 11 @ 12:20pm)

eliesa: CONGRATS! I love it - the work looks killer! LOVEe (09 Feb 11 @ 12:14pm)

Kel: So worth the wait! Love it! (09 Feb 11 @ 11:44am)

Gemma: very slick site, love it. Only, I like to see your lovely faces in the "About" section. (09 Feb 11 @ 1:27am)

Alice G Patterson: Awesome website... love the big size! (08 Feb 11 @ 10:15pm)

Josh: Love the new site! We've been fans of yours for years now! (08 Feb 11 @ 8:07pm)

Melissa: Beautiful work and I love how big the photos are! Looks great! (08 Feb 11 @ 7:28pm)