kevin: so sweet!!! (16 Apr 11 @ 8:19am)

michelle from wedding photographer: These pictures are makes the couple more beautiful and sweet to look at. The way the shots look, this is a work of look of it and it catches all your attetion. (06 Apr 11 @ 8:20am)

I <3 NYC: Simply stunning! (19 Apr 10 @ 11:05pm)

Nga & Thanh: Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. All of them are so beautiful and meaningful. Love. (14 Apr 10 @ 10:04am)

annie: hello my cousin : nice pics, i love this kind of sights . No complicate , very simple. (12 Apr 10 @ 9:01pm)

lucie lau: nice pics ! very nature~~ (08 Apr 10 @ 10:49pm)

Christine Meintjes: Every time I look at your work it 1. it gives me one huge smile and 2. It blows my mind! Love every single one! (08 Apr 10 @ 2:59pm)

Nellie Guerrero: Ooooh me likey. I love the trailer and her in the tire! Very fab! (05 Apr 10 @ 11:08pm)

Darbi G.: BEAUTIFUL!!! seriously...through and through this session just rocks! Thanks for the inspiration. (05 Apr 10 @ 2:37pm)

Sabrina: Love the last two photos especially. That last photo is just so random. You want to know why there is all that junk in this field. Love this shoot. (05 Apr 10 @ 10:47am)

Aaron Snow: I love everything about this shoot. What a fantastic looking couple! Love her dresses and that you mixed dressy clothes with the natural outdoors and the rugged farm equipment. Nicely done! (03 Apr 10 @ 3:02pm)

hannah: ADORE your work!!! such a huge inspiration to me!! (01 Apr 10 @ 9:40pm)

Carter & Cook Event Co.: AMAZING. I love these! What a darling couple too! (01 Apr 10 @ 9:57am)

Wai Reyes: So clean and crisp... absolutely gorgeous! (01 Apr 10 @ 9:52am)

Bartek Szmigulski: hey! great work. I love it. Full sun, great landscape, great colours and frames... I want to see some more your sessions! :) Cheers!! (01 Apr 10 @ 2:43am)

davina + daniel: love these! beautiful shots guys! (01 Apr 10 @ 12:20am)

lydia {ever ours}: you and the couple made the junkyard look gorgeous! (31 Mar 10 @ 10:39pm)

todd s ballje: killer shoot paula awesome color. love the tire shot. great juxtaposition in the shoot (31 Mar 10 @ 10:31pm)

lisa: love. love. love. your work is inspiring. (31 Mar 10 @ 10:30pm)

Tonhya Kae: Love it! The one with her in the tire... MAGIC! :) (31 Mar 10 @ 10:29pm)

jen howell: Gorgeous! (31 Mar 10 @ 8:34am)

neal carpenter: Cori in the tire is amazing. Just perfect. (31 Mar 10 @ 4:38am)

Karen: I love the contrast of the formal attire and gritty location. The last photo is particularly awesome. =] (30 Mar 10 @ 8:52pm)

Kelly Mendoza: Beautiful! I love the one in the tire. Just amazing. (30 Mar 10 @ 1:36pm)

Melissa @ The Loveliest Day: So chic! I am dying a little over here. The tire, the junk strewn dirt path- awesome! (30 Mar 10 @ 1:13pm)