velvet owl photography: so awesome. The decor & the lighting...all of them are stunning photos! (21 Oct 10 @ 6:33pm)

Thina Doukas Photography Sydney: Browsing your site further, attention to details is awesome. Love the blog theme and design. Reg Perry (27 Sep 10 @ 5:50am)

Shawna Brinkley: I am in LOVE with this photoshoot! Vibrant colors are awesome. We are happy to have you both part of the Style Me Pretty Family! (27 May 10 @ 12:44pm)

Katie: The styling, bold colors and attention to detail are amazing! (13 Apr 10 @ 11:25pm)

Jennifer: I absolutely love the color palette of the Black and Turquoise room. Al l of the palette (30 Mar 10 @ 2:14pm)

Kristie Holland: What a refreshing change of pace for my eyes anyway. Love the colors, love the hard lines, contrast, love everything. It felt good to look at this post. You're good! (22 Mar 10 @ 1:32am)

Meg Sylvia: Wow....simply gorgeous! I love it all. (21 Mar 10 @ 2:59pm)

lane dittoe: love the antlers! Rad. thanks (21 Mar 10 @ 12:29pm)

katie zaboy: oh these are delicious! i am currently mildly obsessed with silver/grey and succulents! haha... beautiful job (decor & photos!) (19 Mar 10 @ 3:48pm)

Ty: The colors you create in your pictures are fantastic. The shots are composed and paired perfectly as well. (19 Mar 10 @ 3:31pm)

moondogphoto: I want to get married again, with the same girl of course. =) Fresh! (19 Mar 10 @ 2:42pm)

Neil: not sure what to call that green, but I love it's turquoisy mystery (19 Mar 10 @ 2:00pm)

Christan Parreira: It was awesome meeting you two at WPPI....your work is awesome!! (19 Mar 10 @ 1:53pm)

Aimless Olive: STRIKING! (19 Mar 10 @ 9:29am)

Meg Sylvia: Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the session! (18 Mar 10 @ 4:02pm)

Nelly Chung: So lovely and dramatic! One of my favorite color combos teal and black! Can't wait to see more. (18 Mar 10 @ 11:41am)