AMANDA JULCA: This may be one of my most favorite blog features I've seen in a long time and I look at a LOT of blogs. LOVE the shots, the color and the couple! (28 Jun 10 @ 12:58pm)

Brettan Bablove: Gorg ... I've said this before, but you all are awesome, one of the best, and I don't throw that around, being in the industry. Please shoot my wedding one of these days ... maybe not too far away. I'm right here in SD! (07 Jun 10 @ 12:42pm)

Gina Gomez: i mean really ... could they be ANY hotter! these are great Paula .. im revisiting your work and i'm totally inspired. happy to see all is well! (17 May 10 @ 3:20am)

tim: nice photos. remind me of something.... i think the bathing suit is from VS: (21 Apr 10 @ 8:42pm)

Aaron Snow: Damn! Hot couple! Wonderfully styled. (03 Apr 10 @ 3:03pm)

Sara: I got by bathing suit from Victoria's Secret! (24 Mar 10 @ 1:06pm)

Mariana Maya Photography: Gorgeous couple! The lighting is perfect!! Any chance of finding out where she got her bathing suit it's amazing!! (23 Mar 10 @ 8:39am)

Becka @Studio222 Photography: These are absolutely stunning! Love her outfit. (17 Mar 10 @ 1:19pm)

Meg Sylvia: I think this has to be one of my favorite engagement session ever!!! (17 Mar 10 @ 7:16am)

Chris Hunt: awesome session. I knew I should have bought that hat before it got cool. Probably none left now. (10 Mar 10 @ 8:35pm)

Steen Knarberg: Like this series, f... great shots, colors, ambience! Thanks, very inspiring. (10 Mar 10 @ 6:53am)

Karlu: Some wonderful images. What Sudio Lighting Kits do you use? (08 Mar 10 @ 9:46am)

betsy, la vida: perfectly simple and delightful... love 'em!!! (02 Mar 10 @ 5:06pm)

Eileen: Gorgeous pics! They look like models rather than real people = well done:) (01 Mar 10 @ 12:19am)

Matt Morrissey: Love it! Super inspiring, and the beach looks pretty good to me right now! (26 Feb 10 @ 12:53pm)

Sergei Belski: Very beautiful! (23 Feb 10 @ 10:59pm)

Kara Wieler: Super cute session! I just got back from a month long holiday and your blog was at the top of my list of things to catch up on. Love your work! (22 Feb 10 @ 4:37pm)

Aylee Bits: Everything is just gorgeous (14 Feb 10 @ 1:04am)

Jen Madigan Photography: I adore everything about this shoot, gorgeous photos! (12 Feb 10 @ 12:02pm)

Kayleen T.: Oooh! I love your work! Every time I look at your pictures it's like getting the wind knocked out of me...but in a good way! :) (12 Feb 10 @ 3:37am)

Tegan and Tage: Can anyone tell me where his hat is from? (11 Feb 10 @ 12:09pm)

Wai Reyes: WOW! These are seriously amazing! There's something about the simplicity of it all that gives this set a lot more oomph than others I've seen. Great work as usual! (10 Feb 10 @ 3:34pm)

Michelle Moore: I needed some soft romantic sunshine in my life today...these are beautiful and inspirational. What a gorgeous couple! (10 Feb 10 @ 3:28pm)

Bartek Szmigulski: Oh no! They're amazing. Wonderful light, glow. It's perfect. Cheers from Poland! (10 Feb 10 @ 3:07pm)

Clint Shuttlesworth: I just went across to my neighbors and slapp'd them because these pics rock!! Just saying.... ;) (10 Feb 10 @ 2:27pm)

Melissa @ The Loveliest Day: AMAZING! I love the colors, the setting, her heart shaped glasses. So cute! (10 Feb 10 @ 2:23pm)

Lyndzee of EP: I DIE...the images, the people,, the BATHINGSUIT!!! You rock my world Luna's,, you rock my world!! (10 Feb 10 @ 1:57pm)

Heather Elizabeth: WOW you have outdone yourself with this one. This is seriously the best engagement shoot I have ever seen. No joke. I LOVE the outfits.. the colors. The overexposure works so perfect. You are amazing :) (10 Feb 10 @ 1:50pm)

Briony: these are beautiful as always. i love how you play with light and composition. beautiful. (10 Feb 10 @ 6:58am)

wrecklessgirl: these make me giddy!!!! (10 Feb 10 @ 1:57am)

shannon: stunning. as always. you are such an inspiration. (09 Feb 10 @ 7:46pm)

davina: that is ridiculously gorgeous! this couple is so hot and you did a fab job with this one! really well done! (09 Feb 10 @ 7:14pm)

Harmony Loves: perfection! (09 Feb 10 @ 6:46pm)

annabella: omg love these. that is the bathing suit i have been looking for... can you find out where she got it. (09 Feb 10 @ 6:38pm)

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jac kaiser: love these! and i love her bathing suit!!! (09 Feb 10 @ 6:17pm)

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: wow. these are so so stunning. what a beautiful couple. love the red in the photos too - great choice! The one with the two of them and the surfboards? amazing! (09 Feb 10 @ 6:15pm)

Dave Abreu: Beautiful images..very inspiring. (06 Feb 10 @ 12:24am)

Emily @ Southern Weddings: Absolutely GORGOUS! I love everything about this sneak peek... everything! (03 Feb 10 @ 3:01pm)

Leslie Bost: Sara & Nick - you guys look amazing! CanĀ“t wait for your wedding in Cabo. Paula & Mike, magic in your work as always. (01 Feb 10 @ 11:30am)

Yuka photo art: Beautiful!!!!!! Can not wait to see the rest :-)) (31 Jan 10 @ 3:22pm)

carter and cook event co.: these two are darling, and the photos are so fun!!! great job guys! (31 Jan 10 @ 1:03pm)

jen rau: obsessed with these so much that when they disappeared from fb i tracked them down. love the soft color. love the feeling. even love the bw sans color! super great paula. (31 Jan 10 @ 11:02am) i. love. it. can't wait to see more! (30 Jan 10 @ 11:05pm)

joyful weddings and events: I love it!! (30 Jan 10 @ 10:14pm)

Sara & Nick: Thank you for posting a sneak peek so quickly! You two are amazing, and we know we're gonna be in love with all of the pictures you took. p.s. We're still warming our bodies by the fireplace!! (30 Jan 10 @ 9:31pm)

Rachel Peteres: Completely Beautiful.....I love them..I love the hair movement and the love in them! (30 Jan 10 @ 9:26pm)

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