Robyn Spahr: I LOVE this picture and your grandma... (01 Apr 10 @ 10:27am)

Carmen: I didn't realize Horminy died on your birthday. She was an awesome woman very strong so I guess that is where you get it from. You are her sun you know. Her love for you was very strong and can never be broken. I am honored to have known her. She would be very proud of you. (21 Feb 10 @ 1:27pm)

Melody Braganza KTD: I stumbled upon your blog looking for photographers and the first thing that caught my eye was this photograph of you and your grandmother. It took me back in time when I was a little because I remember taking photo's with my grandmother in the 70's early 80's and this photo looks similar. Beautiful and heartwarming picture :) Happy Belated birthday! (04 Feb 10 @ 9:34am)

lavonne: lovely paula...happiest of birthdays to you... (27 Jan 10 @ 1:48pm)

Nelly Chung: I am new to your blog and your message warms my heart. Grandmothers are the best and they hold a dear place in the heart. I lost mine in 2004 when she was 94. Happy Birthday...I hope it warms your heart thinking about all the memories you had with your grandma. (26 Jan 10 @ 11:43pm)

Riccis: Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Grandma will always be by your side, very proud of the beautiful person you are. Love and lots of hugs!!! Riccis (26 Jan 10 @ 6:02pm)

Harmony Loves: Happy birthday Paula! You are very inspirational just as your grandma was/ is. :) (26 Jan 10 @ 5:44pm)

Betsy: what a beautiful photo.. thank you for that post. my gmas birthday was a few days ago, and its so great to have a date to think of all the memories i had with her. i hope YOUR birthday was that for you. happy birthday paula luna. :) (26 Jan 10 @ 5:22pm)

Lisa: Beautiful thoughts Paula. Hope you have a very happy birthday! (26 Jan 10 @ 5:06pm)

Jackie Wonders: happy birthday Paula! your grandma must be SO proud of you :) Hope your day is nothing less than fabulous. (26 Jan 10 @ 4:58pm)

Justin Kanoya: My mom lived through two bouts of cancer and one of the things I hoped for in her life was to see the joy in her face when she held her own grandchild. I love watching Marissa and my mom interact. As parents we feel a sense of accomplishment to have brought a child into this world. But that cannot compare to the joy when your child brings life into this world. Grandparents are awesome. Happy birthday, Paula! (26 Jan 10 @ 4:54pm)

lydia: such a bittersweet day it must be for you. i'm sure that she is looking down and celebrating today with you and loving what you've become! happy birthday! (26 Jan 10 @ 4:43pm)

JulieLim: happy birthday! i found you through fb fan page and really adore your images... cheers to your beautiful grandma! i miss my grandpa all the time. (26 Jan 10 @ 4:39pm)

Phyllis Cheung: What a heartwarming post. Happy Birthday Paula. I also lost my beloved Grandmother two years ago when she was 88 as well. I too, will also cherish all the memories of her. Know that she would want you to be happy that you were able to share all those years with her and that she'll always be celebrating your birthday with you in spirit. (26 Jan 10 @ 4:38pm)