Shannon: I love the photo of the two little girls! How perfect was the lighting for that day?! Gorgeous! (14 Jan 10 @ 11:10am)

suzanne @ shewanders: i am in love with the hanging light bulbs. I hope that is one trend that catches on =) fabulous work guys! (02 Jan 10 @ 4:30pm)

Idit: I LOVE the color and fabric of your bridesmaid dresses! Can you tell me what designer they are and and the style is? GORGEOUS wedding!!! (23 Dec 09 @ 7:14pm)

Katelyn Fraser: Beautiful details! I love the hanging lightbulbs! (25 Nov 09 @ 6:43am)

joyful weddings and events: Okay- that cake. I need to go get some chocolate. Love the bouquet and those lights too! What a fun wedding! (24 Nov 09 @ 11:53pm)

shannon: oh my god what a DAY!! that bouquet and venue!! so jealous and so amazed at the same time.. you rock! (24 Nov 09 @ 2:22am)

jonathan cooper: I'm a huge fan of your work! we check it out at least 1o times a week looking for fresh work. But this comment goes out to the bride and the cake decorator for having such a kick but cake! Amazing! i am really particular about cakes and hate most of them. that one is incredible! (20 Nov 09 @ 2:22pm)

leigh miller: omg that cake!!! (20 Nov 09 @ 11:01am)

Kalyn Denno - Lilah Paper: Wow! Jess's wedding came together SOOO amazingly! The cake, the photos, the event decor, etc., etc. Absolutely stunning! Thanks, Jen, for sharing :) (20 Nov 09 @ 8:16am)

Jenifer Hammond: I love it, I love it, I love it. Beautiful work Paula. Fantabulous. (19 Nov 09 @ 9:43pm)

paula luna: i know. i'm drinking a hot chocolate in honor of that cake. its the closet thing i have to it...;) (19 Nov 09 @ 7:25pm)

shanni: THE. CAKE. (19 Nov 09 @ 7:07pm)

angel swanson: loooove this charming event already! :) yellow is one of my favorite colors -- it's so cheerful! (19 Nov 09 @ 7:06pm)