amy: was that meat/salami store down the road from the Pantheon? I feel like I was in the same one when I got some food for lunch! I am just starting to get my ROME images read for the blog! I miss that place!! (24 Feb 10 @ 8:28pm)

Katie Neal Photo: Ok, I cannot believe today was the first time I've come across your blog. You are so phenomenal! My faves are the dude and the accordion, and the longgg spiral stairwell. makes me wanna go back there NOW! (18 Jan 10 @ 8:08pm)

Larry: love the spiral staircase, cool shot. I want to go to Rome. (12 Jan 10 @ 11:45pm)

tim king: AWESOME! (07 Jan 10 @ 10:23am)

suzanne @ shewanders: oh my gosh how cute is the white dog!! I wonder if we were in rome for a week at the same time this year... Rad shots! (02 Jan 10 @ 4:27pm)

Kalyn @ Lilah Paper: Wow! Amazing work!! I LOVE the b/w spiral staircase shot! (31 Dec 09 @ 5:27pm)

diane: love it!!! you're awesome, paula!! can't wait for our next adventure for more awesomeness! (27 Dec 09 @ 6:56pm)

Riccis: The first shot is killer... So sorry I couldn't make it to Italia with you, hopefully next year. Ciao! (27 Dec 09 @ 1:48am)

kate holt: wish I could go there after seeing these images. truly gives you a feel for the place. really beautiful. color and b/w so nice. (26 Dec 09 @ 12:05pm)

ronnie: Well, it's about time!! I've been waiting patiently to see what I missed out on! Love it all! I'm happy now :) (25 Dec 09 @ 10:15pm)

wei: you suck. why? because you make me want to throw my cameras out. all of them. i really mean it this time. (25 Dec 09 @ 9:26pm)

Nessa K: I'm feeling jealously and inspiration. =) Love this!! (25 Dec 09 @ 8:29pm)

Gina Gomez: Beautiful. you know i love them! i got totally inspired. the shoe shot though .. yeah, cool! (25 Dec 09 @ 7:20pm)

Heather Elizabeth: I agree with the comment above... the newspaper stand shot is so awesome! (18 Nov 09 @ 11:20pm)

jen howell: LOVE the newspaper stand!!! (13 Nov 09 @ 9:30am)

Kelly: WOWZA! Great coming soon, I can't wait to see more! (12 Nov 09 @ 7:44pm)

Betsy, La Vida Creations: Always enjoy looking at your street photography. It's so well done! Love that first one and second to last one. So much to look at in them! (12 Nov 09 @ 7:18am)

niki: cool.....isn't it??? (12 Nov 09 @ 5:25am)

nick aleln: the second to last image is fantastic. i am stunned by how good it is. (11 Nov 09 @ 8:16pm)

Amy Vining Photography: gorgeous, as always! i hope one day i can shoot like you guys!!! (11 Nov 09 @ 7:23pm)

cheryl: we went to rome not too long ago and man I wish we took you with! these pictures are fabulous! seriously, when i travel i want to take you with me to document it all - you guys are just too good at capturing those everyday moments! (11 Nov 09 @ 2:01pm)

Marissa Rodriguez: Love the third picture! Your work is beautiful! (11 Nov 09 @ 8:51am)

Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy: I love how the man seems like he's in a cave of giornali/newspapers. I can't wait to see what other photos you post. (11 Nov 09 @ 4:21am)

simply modern weddings: love that 1st and 3rd shot! ahhh i miss roma! (11 Nov 09 @ 1:49am)

Scott Andrew: Street vendor shot is epic. Keep up the awesome. (11 Nov 09 @ 12:48am)