Adrienne: beyond. (25 Jan 11 @ 8:36am)

Sol Tamargo: Amaziiiing! (09 Feb 10 @ 6:31pm)

sedona bride { fine art wedding photojournalism }: paula and mike ... these are gorgeous... the heart shadows with the rings are adorable. { katrina } (01 Dec 09 @ 12:19am)

jonathan cooper: Incredible ring shot! Cigars? HEART SHAPED SHADOWS!! seriously one of the best ring shots i have ever seen (13 Nov 09 @ 11:50am)

Katelin Wallace Photography: I love love love your work! You guys do an amazing job. I just happened to stumble across your blog but I am glad I did. (12 Nov 09 @ 10:21pm)

simply modern weddings: i am over the moon with that ring shot...i want to see more photos! (09 Nov 09 @ 12:19am)

Jennifer Farris: Absolutely beautiful!! Love the ring shot! (08 Nov 09 @ 7:56pm)

Susie Linquist: I freaking LOVE that ring shot. Brilliant!!!!! (04 Nov 09 @ 10:49am)

Kayla: WOW!!! Totally beautiful! (04 Nov 09 @ 8:40am)

Carmen: Paula you are amazing these photos show your talent, I always knew you would be in the arts one way or another. I am proud of you. (02 Nov 09 @ 4:25am)

brooke schwab: perfection paula! i love the ring shot! the hearts are fun! (29 Oct 09 @ 9:11am)

M Smith: comments: That is an incredible photograph...was that the first time you have created heart shapes with the ring photo? (29 Oct 09 @ 8:58am)

jen howell: LOVE the final photo of the rings! (28 Oct 09 @ 9:25am)

Brittany Fitch: WOW! 43 tables is a lot to handle, but you did a hell of a job. The colors are fantastic! (28 Oct 09 @ 9:12am)

Amanda Rae: Those are stunning! I wish you could post more! (28 Oct 09 @ 9:09am)

Alison: SO GORGEOUS! This wedding looked incredible...wish we could see the rest! That ring shot is fantastic! I really want to get married again, just so I can hire you guys again! (28 Oct 09 @ 8:59am)

Lisa Marie O'Quinn: I always look forward to your new posts on your blog. You really inspire me! (28 Oct 09 @ 4:51am)

joyful weddings and events: gorgeous!! I love all of the details. Hold up though- were there really 43 tables?? (27 Oct 09 @ 2:39pm)

Bianca Valentim: Gorgeous details! I wish we could see everything, but I understand. Your work is superb! (27 Oct 09 @ 2:24pm)

Heather Moreau: Always gorgeous. I love the heart shadows those rings made:) (27 Oct 09 @ 1:02pm)

ohana photographers: those are some yummy deets friend! love the cigars! (27 Oct 09 @ 12:54pm)

Jen: Absolutely beautiful detail shots. I love the ring shot, too! (27 Oct 09 @ 11:51am)

hollye: oooh, love the out of focus shot of the street lights and the last image of the rings. I've done a few similar shots with leaves and shadows but this one is fab!!! The movement in the first image is pretty wonderful as well. :) (27 Oct 09 @ 11:37am)