simply modern weddings: pretty colors! love the 2nd shot! (09 Nov 09 @ 12:19am)

Kayla: Love these! Can't wait to see more! (04 Nov 09 @ 8:41am)

Brittany Fitch: OMG I think my heart just stopped. What a great photo to bring in the Fall season. LOVE IT! (28 Oct 09 @ 9:13am)

dave richards: nice work, can't wait to see the rest! always love checking out your blog! (27 Oct 09 @ 12:05am)

Alisha Stamper I Photographer: oh! those trees make me happy! (26 Oct 09 @ 7:01pm)

cheryl: omg. absolutely beautiful. LOVE this! (26 Oct 09 @ 11:39am)

Lisa: Well worth the risk, what a gorgeous photo! (26 Oct 09 @ 10:54am)

Meredith Williams: So beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest, love those fall colors :) (26 Oct 09 @ 9:10am)