Adriana: Ok, I had not been in here in a while and I just found the inspiration to turn our living room into a studios space! I had been rolling the idea in my head for weeks and this just did it for me! Thank you guys for this one... (06 Dec 09 @ 6:16pm)

Candice {The Beautiful Mess}: i keep coming back to this post for inspiration. love your work! (19 Nov 09 @ 8:57am)

Casia Fletcher: DANG IT!!! Can I move in? Seriously Eric and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Modern Loft spaces. We're currently remodeling our whole house to be 'Cozy MOD'. Your place is too cool. Congrats! (17 Nov 09 @ 5:25pm)

Emilie: cute kitty!! love the decoratin of your home!! (03 Nov 09 @ 9:23am)

Leila Khalil |Wedding Publicist|Be Inspired PR: i love this shoot you did of your place. i am doing a photo shoot on Thursday for my office and this post of yours so inspiring. (02 Nov 09 @ 9:17am)

Betsy, La Vida: RAD! Perfect reflection of you guys :-) (15 Oct 09 @ 11:50am)

Kayla: LOVE IT! I have been wanting to get those same barstools! (07 Oct 09 @ 9:45am)

Julie: Gotta LOVE Dwell magazine - your new place is stunning!! (02 Oct 09 @ 3:01pm)

Brandon M sweet: This is my dream house! Lucky!!!! (29 Sep 09 @ 10:16pm)

brooke schwab: love it!!! (29 Sep 09 @ 7:29pm)

jen howell: GASP! beautiful... Love the splashes of color... Congrats (29 Sep 09 @ 1:47pm)

joyful weddings and events: I love it!! Great job! (29 Sep 09 @ 1:42pm)

Emily @ Southern Weddings: Gorgeous! Those chairs are fabulous! (29 Sep 09 @ 12:30pm)

Bunn Salarzon: I love it, too! Great job on the transformation, team! (28 Sep 09 @ 10:02pm)

Ray Soemarsono: When is the housewarming party??? Looks amazing, guys! (28 Sep 09 @ 8:31pm)

Erica Adams: Oh wow Paula! Even though everything is white, your home looks so warm and inviting. Very serene and elegant. Great Job especially after seeing the BEFORE :) (28 Sep 09 @ 8:09pm)

Norma: I have to say! WOW!!! very WOW!!!! how much for decorating my house! your place looks amazing!!!! (28 Sep 09 @ 6:50pm)

Gloria Mesa: Great place!! love the lighting. (28 Sep 09 @ 5:52pm)

Riccis: Very cool...When's the party? (28 Sep 09 @ 4:57pm)

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: wow! love what you guys did with the space! love the table with all the cameras :) We are in the process of decorating and it's so much fun (and work!) congrats! (28 Sep 09 @ 4:48pm)

jenni: hi neighbor!!! sometimes when we are bored, we look out our bedroom window and see if you are cooking or sleeping... hehehehehe. (28 Sep 09 @ 4:47pm)

jams neal: wow! just wow, the before and after is stunning, a complete 180 degree change. btw, i just love the composition of your photos. (28 Sep 09 @ 4:31pm)

Tanya Perez: This place is as AMAZING in person as it looks in these pics. IT freakin ROCKS! (28 Sep 09 @ 4:29pm)

jac kaiser: dang! you guys are legit!!! your place looks amazing!!!! (28 Sep 09 @ 4:25pm)

laurahana: Wow, what a difference. I LOVE seeing the before photo. The design work you two did is just as amazing as your photography. (28 Sep 09 @ 4:23pm)

Moondog Photo: Your place rocks! Modern design is always a winner in my book. Congrats on your space. (28 Sep 09 @ 4:22pm)

ohana photographers: it's as fab as you and mike! congrats guys! (28 Sep 09 @ 4:21pm)