Heather Kincaid: i love that street corner shot! so fantastic! (28 Sep 09 @ 10:43am)

Carrie McCluskey: I love them all! (27 Sep 09 @ 9:23pm)

Grace Lee: Candid and natural. I love how you two capture moments! (27 Sep 09 @ 7:19pm)

Layla: I'm in LOVE with the color photo and the last one, beautiful work! (27 Sep 09 @ 7:13pm)

Bobby Earle: LOVE them! (27 Sep 09 @ 6:59pm)

Michele Dyson: Truly, truly amazing. You have a fantastic eye for detail and I love your unexpected angles. Very inspirational. Thank you:) (27 Sep 09 @ 12:01pm)

Lindsey Joy: I adore the emotion in the first photo! Beautiful imagery... and, the b+w is so crisp and striking, I love them!!! (22 Sep 09 @ 10:42am)

cynthia Warden: absolutely beautiful! (22 Sep 09 @ 9:34am)

Celina: Beautiful, as always! I love to visit your blog! (22 Sep 09 @ 9:27am)

fer juariti: lovely series, love the second shot, so classy, straight out of a movie. (22 Sep 09 @ 8:55am)

Kayla: So fun! (22 Sep 09 @ 8:19am)

Yuka photo art: Very Beautiful! Last one is my fav! (22 Sep 09 @ 8:14am)

Nicole: These are SIMPLY GORGEOUS! So clean, but fun and honestly...perfect. Love your work! (22 Sep 09 @ 7:00am)