Jenifer Hammond: Paula this shot is just priceless, can't believe you caught it in spite of your camera getting rained on! Love the woman in the aisle, her expression is perfect. (24 Sep 09 @ 9:24am)

walephotos: wow!! this image says it all. great capture. (24 Sep 09 @ 6:50am)

shanni: I'm a little bit unhealthily obsessed with this photo.... (21 Sep 09 @ 5:54pm)

Jess: Brad and I can't stop laughing. Thank you thank you for documenting our weekend with such style and humor. How can they get any better? (15 Sep 09 @ 9:07pm)

guli fager: this is a fabulous photo! despite the scary thunder and lightning jess and brad look so happy. (15 Sep 09 @ 9:57am)

Yuka photo art: Beautiful moment! (14 Sep 09 @ 4:59pm)

Sarah Willard: Priceless! There's such great expressions in the photo! (14 Sep 09 @ 9:21am)

Dennis Bullock: Fantastic shot! Love their happiness in comp to the guests dashing for cover! (13 Sep 09 @ 6:35pm)

millie: OMG! I love this! (13 Sep 09 @ 6:02pm)