Paul | Reams Photo: Just love the ceremony shots in this set-great job! (22 Dec 09 @ 12:08am)

Cathi: Hello, Your photos and blog are just amazing. So beautiful. (16 Dec 09 @ 6:39pm)

Steve Gerrard Photography: Loving all your recent posts and this is one of my faves. Love the post processing too. I'd love to know your technique ;) Steve (08 Dec 09 @ 1:47am)

Harmony Loves: gorgeous people and gorgeous images (21 Nov 09 @ 9:56pm)

smittengreta: the one of her and her dad entering the church is perfection! luh me some lunaphoto!! :) (20 Nov 09 @ 11:43am)

Melissa: Hi! I am a wedding photog up in MN. I stumbled upon your site during a recent venture for inspiration. I find myself very excited to get updates. Every wedding has this language of memory to me. Every image has a feeling attached to it. So vibrant, clear and fresh. Pure Art really. What kind of trees are those with the bride standing alone in the parking lot? We would never have trees in Minnesota like that :) Cheers. (19 Nov 09 @ 8:28pm)

Lisa: Beautiful wedding, great moments and I LOVE the detail shots. Amazing work! (19 Nov 09 @ 12:54pm)

Heather Elizabeth: What a classically beautiful wedding. I love the bridal party shots! Amazing work as always :) (19 Nov 09 @ 12:13pm)

Celina Gomez: A-MAZING!!! seriously WOWOWWOWOWOW... I just love looking at your images. More please... (19 Nov 09 @ 12:12pm)

Kelly: beautiful wedding and AMAZING images! :) (19 Nov 09 @ 12:12pm)

Kayla: These are fabulous! (22 Sep 09 @ 8:19am)

Rima: gorgeous photography (15 Sep 09 @ 3:09pm)

barb liberman: what a gorgeous these pics so far...lisa, you look just beautiful...waiting for the other photos anxiously!!!!!! (12 Sep 09 @ 4:47pm)

Kara Wieler: Gorgeous! Wow! Love the first one, and the one of the ring bearer is precious. (10 Sep 09 @ 9:43am)

Bethany Murphy: I never tire from seeing your work! I am so inspired by you and love seeing each and every post you make! Simply breathtaking and gorgeous as usual :) (09 Sep 09 @ 6:50pm)

Katie Jane Parker: Beautiful photos. I especially love the first one, and the one with all the groomsmen. (09 Sep 09 @ 8:32am)

Brittany Fitch: GORGEOUS! (09 Sep 09 @ 8:19am)

leslee: oh my goodness...what a celebration!! you are on your way to Ireland as I type this....can't wait for the photos!! (08 Sep 09 @ 5:27pm)

Amy-Jo Tatu/Bride Chic: These images show so much imagination and sensitivity. Congrats on doing such a lovely wedding . . . (07 Sep 09 @ 11:50pm)

Kevin: You guys never cease to amaze me. Great work! (07 Sep 09 @ 11:36am)

Dennis Bullock: Fantastic! (07 Sep 09 @ 6:36am)

Bethany LaBarge: Just beautiful!!! WOW! (06 Sep 09 @ 7:47pm)

april: Most GORGEOUS wedding I've ever been to. Amazing!!! Love these photos. Lisa you are crazy beautiful! (06 Sep 09 @ 6:07pm)