Katie: Movie stars - perfection :) (03 Sep 09 @ 10:02am)

Kelley: You guys are the best. Absolute best!!! I can't wait to see more photos. Thank you :) (03 Sep 09 @ 9:18am)

Katie: That second photo is just incredible. They're all beautiful, but I just love the light in the second one. (31 Aug 09 @ 10:28am)

Bethany Murphy: You are AMAZING! These are stunning... absolutely incredible in every way! (25 Aug 09 @ 4:17pm)

Carrie: I cannot wait to see the rest, beautiful work as always! (24 Aug 09 @ 10:22pm)

Yuka photo art: Amazing!!!!!! I love your style of capture moments! (23 Aug 09 @ 11:27pm)

Adrienne: Absolutely beautiful! And I agree, you're lighting is stellar! (23 Aug 09 @ 6:35pm)

Celina Gomez: absolutely beautiful. Love the way you use light. (23 Aug 09 @ 2:26pm)