mike: phenomenal. some truly outstanding shots from this wedding. (08 May 07 @ 2:19pm)

lindsey: gorgeous! you guys are awesome! (22 Apr 07 @ 2:17pm)

becky canales: Your pictures should be in magazines. I will say it again you are a natural. You know how to capture every moment. (19 Apr 07 @ 6:35pm)

kelsey: LOVE THESE SHOTS!!!!! You captured all the great memories! (17 Apr 07 @ 10:22pm)

mutha k: I look at these pictures several times a day! Everyone I have shared them with say the pics look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine. It was an incredible day captured forever with such wonderful pictures. (17 Apr 07 @ 12:19am)

kim: hey you guys, thanks for having us there, it was a beautiful wedding, and the pictures are amazing.. can’t wait to see the rest. have a great honeymoon :) (17 Apr 07 @ 12:18am)

aunt jeanne krug: Loved seeing the pictures - they were beautiful and made me feel like we were there. Were so sorry to miss the big day! (17 Apr 07 @ 12:17am)

leslie masters: Love the pictures…they are amazing! (17 Apr 07 @ 12:17am)

kk+: lovely shots guys. :) (17 Apr 07 @ 12:16am)

karla swish: amazing…kels and rus are going to be thrilled! (17 Apr 07 @ 12:15am)

jon canlas: I heart your work. I’ve been looking for months. Truly great work. (17 Apr 07 @ 12:14am)