Heather Kincaid: love love love everything about these. :) (28 Sep 09 @ 10:45am)

julie h: these are brilliant! I love the playfulness in them. (01 Sep 09 @ 11:17am)

jen howell: These absolutely rock!!! (13 Aug 09 @ 12:38pm)

Carolyn Egerszegi: What a gorgeous, sexy set of images. Love every single one. (05 Aug 09 @ 11:49pm)

lorenz: Sweet! What a HOT session... (01 Aug 09 @ 7:44pm)

clint: I just drove to Kansas and slapp'd my grandma.. these are rock'n.. your one of my fav's.. just saying!! keep rock'n. (31 Jul 09 @ 9:13pm)

Megan Welker: omg. love this session!! beautiful images! (31 Jul 09 @ 9:14am)

jamie: wow- your space is stunning and the shoot is so full of fun and lovey chemistry. (29 Jul 09 @ 2:37pm)

Heather Elizabeth: You inspire me with each new session. These are so beautiful and touching. You are proud I'm sure :) (29 Jul 09 @ 1:21pm)

Yuka photoart: I love this couple!!!! Such a creative session! (27 Jul 09 @ 5:31pm)

AmyP: beautiful as always!!! LOVE these (27 Jul 09 @ 12:30pm)

Michelle (steve's sis): Wow, these are beautiful! (27 Jul 09 @ 10:12am)

matthew morgan: dang, this session is so solid. love b&w indie portraits, a lot. (27 Jul 09 @ 9:38am)

lauren c. - openField.: ...these are AWESOME!! : ) (27 Jul 09 @ 8:52am)

carrie: um. wow. incredible. you guys are total rockstars. this is your new place, yes? (27 Jul 09 @ 7:25am)

Steve Gerrard Photography: My kinda people. That tat on her left arm is amazing. Super-cool images :) Steve (26 Jul 09 @ 11:46pm)

Tanya Perez: Wow can't even express how much i LOVE these. (26 Jul 09 @ 11:35pm)

wrecklessgirl: oh my goodness. i am in love. with you. marry me. what a great location!!!! and styling...what a sweet couple! brava! (26 Jul 09 @ 11:08pm)

kelli: oh my word. these are incredible! love your site :) xo (26 Jul 09 @ 10:32pm)

Sweet & Saucy Shop: How fun is this couple! Love all the photos! (26 Jul 09 @ 10:24pm)

Tana H: Looove these! Inspiration abound in this session. Amazing. (26 Jul 09 @ 10:22pm)

steve: thanks so much guys. we love love love these. we had so much fun with you guys! xo (26 Jul 09 @ 10:02pm)

Scott Andrew: You're kidding me right? This session has to be fake to be as amazing as it is. Light, emotion, lines, composition...it is all there. You guys rip. (26 Jul 09 @ 9:55pm)

ronnie: Love 'em!! full of energy and life! (26 Jul 09 @ 9:54pm)