leigh miller: love the tilt of the del. makes me miss coronado a little. great work! see you guys soon in the big apple :) (08 Sep 09 @ 12:25pm)

Joyce: Gorgeous images! I love those shoes! (02 Sep 09 @ 4:30pm)

jennifer cole: Paula, these are beautiful!!! I would love images for my website! (01 Sep 09 @ 8:33am)

wale: gorgeous couple. and you captured them perfectly. makes me wanna see more photos. (01 Sep 09 @ 1:23am)

Adrienne: Beautiful work, as always! (01 Sep 09 @ 12:02am)

Sandra: Beautiful ring :) (06 Aug 09 @ 11:58am)

Aunt Sheila: Beautiful pics! What a lovely couple and amazing photographer. (12 Jul 09 @ 7:25pm)

Cuzin Diamond Dave: This is the post card I'm sending my mom! (10 Jul 09 @ 1:35pm)

Aunt Pat: You both look like "Movie Stars"---can't wait to the big day!! Love you both!!! (06 Jul 09 @ 6:57am)

uncle T: did i miss the wedding??you guys look grrrreat!!!!!! (03 Jul 09 @ 4:52am)

Lauri: You both look so wonderful, I love the dress. Can't wait to see you!!! (02 Jul 09 @ 1:19pm)

Elecia: They look Amazing!! (01 Jul 09 @ 10:36am)

Kayla: Gorgeous! Can't wait to see more! (01 Jul 09 @ 9:46am)

rich m: I can't take my eyes off that under-the-veil shot! Gorgeous, gorgeous work :) (01 Jul 09 @ 5:04am)

Geri: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! (01 Jul 09 @ 4:28am)

Linda: Love the feel of these images, I can't wait to see the rest! (30 Jun 09 @ 11:19pm)

Christopher & Sabrenna: Wow! These look amazing! We had so much fun with you guys this evening. Thank you!! (30 Jun 09 @ 9:41pm)

shanni: stunning! (30 Jun 09 @ 9:40pm)

Kathleen: I love the detail of her dress in the first shot and the lighting in the third...I can't wait to see the whole wedding! (30 Jun 09 @ 9:31pm)