Dawn: She is pure light! And the sweetest expressions. I would say "she ought to be in pictures" but... (13 Jun 10 @ 9:14pm)

Angela: you might be the best photographer ever for getting pictures of the cutest baby ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! (04 Sep 09 @ 10:16am)

LINDSEYBELLE: Amazing! I love her sweet expressions. What a cutie! (04 Sep 09 @ 5:48am)

cheryl: ahhh, i'm in love again (03 Sep 09 @ 10:12pm)

Lisa P.: cute, cute and more CUTE!! Love them! (03 Sep 09 @ 6:12pm)

kristine [trendsetting wedding]: So precious! (18 Jun 09 @ 7:01pm)

Betsy, La Vida: Soooo cute! Love the color treatment too! (12 Jun 09 @ 8:39am)

Lola Nena S.G.: Ava is adorable like her Mom. A future Rose Queen! The little princess now at home and in our hearts! Gigil!!!! (11 Jun 09 @ 7:05am)

Lola: I agree. Ava is the cutest baby ever! I just love her! (11 Jun 09 @ 1:29am)

daniel kudish: this set my fiance's biological clock tick faster than ever! (10 Jun 09 @ 10:16am)

brooke: gorgeous!!! (10 Jun 09 @ 5:56am)

Carey: These are perfect. So adorable! (10 Jun 09 @ 1:05am)

cesar perez: ummm...SUPER CUTE! (09 Jun 09 @ 8:48pm)

rebecca-linh rodgers: i think you.are.right and ps i want you to shoot kelsey's baby. ;) (09 Jun 09 @ 8:44pm)

Alison Ganz: Well, you can't be a model without a little "diva" in you. :) Absolutely precious! I just LOVE them! (09 Jun 09 @ 8:05pm)

Emily: oh my, she is precious! i LOVE this set of images. beautiful job!! (09 Jun 09 @ 7:53pm)

cheryl freiburg: o-m-g! can this really be my baby? the little diva that pooped and peed on me today?! paula, i LOVE these shots!!!! you are so talented! i'm ready to sign ava up to be a baby model! ha! :) (09 Jun 09 @ 7:53pm)

Adele Cabanillas: oh she is adorable! love the one in the crib! (09 Jun 09 @ 7:45pm)

kelsey chao: SO cute! i want you to photograph my baby!!! (09 Jun 09 @ 7:42pm)

serena grace: awww....she's so adorable! (09 Jun 09 @ 7:21pm)