Betsy, La Vida: Yummy light! And I love the feel of them tangled up in the branches. You're brilliant! (12 Jun 09 @ 8:40am)

Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): oooh sunny and light--yay! (09 Jun 09 @ 8:48am)

Linda Hirsch: I love this first photo, that is gorgeous! You rock, as always. (09 Jun 09 @ 8:43am)

Lisa P.: These are so beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest!! (08 Jun 09 @ 10:14pm)

Bobby Earle: Good freaking lord, Paula...freaking gorgeous! (08 Jun 09 @ 9:21pm)

Michele: Wow, I LOVE the first photo! Where did you find that? (08 Jun 09 @ 8:39pm)

Deyla Huss: AWESOME SHOTS!! love the lighting! nice work (08 Jun 09 @ 8:26pm)