Mary: Beautiful photography, but you do have some great subjects to work with. Sarah looks radiant in every photo. (06 Jul 09 @ 12:20pm)

Leah Wu: Love it all!! You captured both Sarah and Meredith's personalities and weddings so well. Can't wait to see photos from Sarah and Andrew's wedding. Nice to see you guys in VT! (17 Jun 09 @ 11:14am)

Sergei Belski: Very beautiful photographs! Your work is great! (17 Jun 09 @ 8:18am)

lorenz: i love the fire escape shot (31 May 09 @ 5:39pm)

Carson: The shot on the fire escape is amazing! (30 May 09 @ 6:41pm)

aga: awesome stuff! let us know when you're in NYC next time! (30 May 09 @ 12:52pm)

Amy_Jo Tatum/Bride Chic: Killer session! Interesting angles. (29 May 09 @ 11:00am)

ken kienow: lunaphoto ftw! btw i caught your blog post about wolfgang amadeus phoenix...soooooo rad! (28 May 09 @ 6:05pm)

Bryan: come on!! amazing shots, def an inspirational blog! Keep up the good work! (28 May 09 @ 3:24pm)

matthew morgan: that waist-down shot is brilliant. diggin' this post. (28 May 09 @ 1:17pm)

Charise: Love these images. Awesome work! Im headed to NYC in July...cant wait to shoot there. (28 May 09 @ 12:25pm)

Lisa P.: OH, WOW! They are all amazing, especially the ones on the fire escape. Great work! (28 May 09 @ 12:21pm)

katie mck: these are just so beautiful. Will your wedding photos be done by the same person? (28 May 09 @ 11:18am)

Dan Guilbeault: 100% gorgeous! I think my favorite may be the one of just your feet on the intersecting crosswalks. Thanks for sharing! (28 May 09 @ 8:53am)

Amanda Rae: These are stunning! I love them all! (28 May 09 @ 8:49am)

Leslie: Oh wow! I love NYC, looks like you guys had a blast shooting and I love the pics and colors. Again, you guys are awesome... (28 May 09 @ 8:27am)

Kayla: These are FABULOUS! I love the one above them with the street below! (28 May 09 @ 7:47am)

Heather Moreau: This is a gorgeous shoot Paula!! I love your color-style:) (28 May 09 @ 7:25am)

rich mattingly: Yowza!! That shot with the lines is spectacular!!!! (28 May 09 @ 5:17am)

Betsy, La Vida: You guys!!!! These are AMAZING!! I'm speechless. (28 May 09 @ 2:02am)

Michelle Moore: mmmmm, me like!! I want to go to New York again, right this instant!! ;) (27 May 09 @ 11:04pm)

Kara Wieler: I sooo love these photos, and the very New York theme! These are gorgeous!!! (27 May 09 @ 9:59pm)

jen howell: beautiful session! beautiful expressions. love the locations. fabulous work.... (27 May 09 @ 9:42pm)

serena: absolutely love these! (27 May 09 @ 9:31pm)

sarah: paula and mike, you guys are amazing! we had so much fun running around the city with you AND your photos are knock-your-socks-off beautiful. thanks again! (27 May 09 @ 9:23pm)

allan z.: L O V E IT!!! you guys rocked it!! :) (27 May 09 @ 9:02pm)