Natalie Williams: I absolutely love the dress shot!! So different :) (24 May 09 @ 11:45pm)

jade alana: your work is so SO beautiful...Wow (19 May 09 @ 5:00am)

Jen Curtis: I need to visit your blog more often! I love the photo with the smiley faces and the black and whites are awesome.. they are all great! (19 May 09 @ 4:09am)

lavonne: this makes me want to get married again...i so love the santa barbara vibe, you captured it so perfectly! (13 May 09 @ 4:17pm)

Betsy, La Vida: ONE WORD: AMAZING!!! (13 May 09 @ 1:15pm)

Steven Baker: OH MY GOD! It is absolutely INSANE how beautiful you two are and how AMAZING these photos are......I'm crying uncontrollably all over again! I love you both, NOW LET'S GO TO THE HAMPTONS!! (06 May 09 @ 10:34am)

Cassidy and Brian: You guys rock! Thanks for capturing our day so beautifully. We can't say enough about how great you guys are! (06 May 09 @ 9:45am)

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: love these! beautiful couple and great photos - as always :) (05 May 09 @ 10:55pm)

andrew r: nice! (05 May 09 @ 9:37pm)

iireland: the wedding, bride/groom are beautiful! love the photos :) (05 May 09 @ 8:15pm)

daniel kudish: great photos! really love your work. (05 May 09 @ 8:12pm)

Matt Green: Nice work. Is that a tilt/shift shot of the recessional? AWESOME! (05 May 09 @ 8:11pm)

Andrew: Beautifully captured as usual! Oh and thanks for the shoutout to Table4 in your detail shot ;) lol (05 May 09 @ 7:55pm)

chatti: gosh! these are knockin my socks off! (05 May 09 @ 7:49pm)

laura-dolcepics: These are breathtaking! Your photos are always so inspirational! (24 Apr 09 @ 8:03am)

Mara (Wedding Cabaret): LOVE them! (23 Apr 09 @ 4:58pm)

Joshua Aull: Great job...mark II jealousy is coursing through my veins!! (23 Apr 09 @ 2:14pm)

Stevi Savage: can't wait to see the rest! (23 Apr 09 @ 1:31pm)

sarah rhoads: yep. you killed it. the balloons in the faces = all around raddness. love and miss you kids. (23 Apr 09 @ 12:44pm)

Michele B: That last picture has me on the edge of my seat! (23 Apr 09 @ 12:41pm)

kelly aull: hey guys! beautiful as always :) (23 Apr 09 @ 12:40pm)