Louis Barragan: Iam very impressed...gorgeous, gorgeous photos!..I'll spread the word! (03 Apr 09 @ 12:11pm)

Jenny @Amvona: Great job with these. Love the colors, the happiness and love flowing in these pictures :-) (19 Mar 09 @ 9:47am)

sarah smith photography: love the tones in these images and the interaction, awesome shots as usual! (19 Mar 09 @ 7:20am)

clint: lov'n your work.. keep rock'n it out girl.. (18 Mar 09 @ 11:06am)

brett: awesome stuff guys! you are truly talented. (15 Mar 09 @ 12:49pm)

Pat: These pictures capture both of your spirits and beauty so perfectly, it made me teary-eyed ;) congratulations, Joyce+Peter! (13 Mar 09 @ 11:56pm)

Kayla: I love these! So soft and sweet! Great job! (12 Mar 09 @ 8:40pm)

joyce+peter: Thank you so much Paula and Mike! :) We had such a fun time with the both of you exploring the alleys of dt la jolla. The two of you are such awesome photographers and make a great team! :) (12 Mar 09 @ 5:55pm)