Chic Maps by Nikki: That dress is absolutely stunning! (29 Apr 09 @ 5:45pm)

Anna-Rina: Love, love the details in this collage! Thanks for sharing :) (27 Mar 09 @ 1:41am)

jamie: gosh, SOO pretty. (24 Mar 09 @ 10:12am)

sarah smith photography: i ♥ detail shots, i think they are some of my favorite when shooting weddings. this is a beautiful collection! (19 Mar 09 @ 7:21am)

kristel wyman: what a beautiful collection of images! (13 Mar 09 @ 5:21pm)

Carlos Andres: Beautiful! (13 Mar 09 @ 5:17pm)

Juliet: Gorgeous and lush all at once. Love it. (12 Mar 09 @ 5:14pm)

Kayla: These are all SO gorgeous! Love them all! (11 Mar 09 @ 4:16pm)

Deborah (Figgie): I'm totally inspired!! I absolutely love that fan shot... and all the rest! (11 Mar 09 @ 3:24pm)

Andrew Lin: love the details you captured here. they are one of my favorite things to shoot. great work! (11 Mar 09 @ 1:56pm)