Beth Morgan: Adore these shots!!! The colors, the lighting, all equal to D LISH. Can't wait to see more! (30 Nov 08 @ 1:42pm)

kym skiles: flippin' gorgeous. i should come next time :) (22 Nov 08 @ 12:38am)

Betsy McCue: You've got such a great eye!! Love all the work from Mexico. Such storytelling and perfectly encapsulated images. And the antler bride... RADDDDDD!!!! (20 Nov 08 @ 12:19pm)

Aaron Willcox: These are sweeet! I'm so bummed I missed the end to see them all in person :( Love the four color shots put together. (19 Nov 08 @ 1:30am)

vonnie: love the slumped over old man! beautiful shooting! (18 Nov 08 @ 9:51pm)

Cristina Navarro: jealous. Awesome usual :) Greeting from El Paso, baby! (18 Nov 08 @ 8:26pm)

Jeremy Harwell: Muy Cliente!!! Awesome images! I wish I was back there now with you and all our friends! (18 Nov 08 @ 6:27pm)

Adrienne: Stunning images - looks like an absolutely beautiful place!! (18 Nov 08 @ 1:17pm)

jose villa: stellar mi amiga!! love your use of color. hugs! (18 Nov 08 @ 10:49am)

Lisa P.: Gorgeous! I love them all but especially the first and last one. Great work! (17 Nov 08 @ 10:18am)

Melissa McClure: So beautiful!!! (15 Nov 08 @ 11:58pm)

Gabi: I LOVE them all!!! Beautiful place and beautiful weather! (15 Nov 08 @ 9:16pm)

joel serrato: just beautiful ;) (15 Nov 08 @ 8:11pm)

Ronnie Ruiz: these rock! you rock! (15 Nov 08 @ 7:21pm)

TangoK Design: Stunning- Beautiful, love the perspective and focal points. (15 Nov 08 @ 1:39pm)