Jennifer Skog: HOT!!!!!!! (18 Dec 08 @ 11:25am)

obywatelGC: like this photo session ... very much :) (25 Nov 08 @ 4:05pm)

Betsy, La Vida Creations: LOVELY work! The lighting style really gives these a dreamy look. As always, fab! (24 Oct 08 @ 9:05am)

Sarah Smith - PhotoSmith: wo! thanks for following me on Twitter! Your work is AMAZING! Glad to have found your blog, I will be sure to visit again! Cheers! (20 Oct 08 @ 1:53pm)

ed pingol: ooooh, can't even look at these. these are waaay HOT!!! awesome processing and awesome compositions. a huge 2 thumbs up! (16 Oct 08 @ 3:13pm)

Rachel B.: Oh my god these are amazing! Seriously I should just quit being a photographer right now. (15 Oct 08 @ 6:47am)

ed atrero: that's vintage luna lovliness! it's an elegant way. (14 Oct 08 @ 10:49pm)

Amanda Auer: I LOVE the lens you chose for these shots. The one main focal point with everything blurred... whoever these photos are intended for- they're going to flip!! Nothing like a great innuendo! (14 Oct 08 @ 10:41pm)

rebecca-linh rodgers: super hot- and so tastefully done! amazing images! (14 Oct 08 @ 6:37pm)

Dana Grant: Even the light is sexy. I love all of them! (14 Oct 08 @ 6:06pm)