Jennifer Skog: Gorgeous images! Congrats on the cover! (18 Dec 08 @ 11:26am)

ross: wow - great photos - you guys deserve it! (29 Nov 08 @ 2:58pm)

lauren c.: FUN!! (25 Nov 08 @ 2:54pm)

cameron ingalls: wow, you pretty much rule! (04 Nov 08 @ 5:38pm)

andrew reilly: awesome work! (25 Oct 08 @ 6:23am)

Chiara and Ryan: Hello Paula and Mike! We just want to say how much we loved the both of you! You two are the most darling couple, and it really shows how much you love what you do! We are so glad that you got to photograph our wedding! you both are so easy going and happy, you helped us to feel comfortable and less stressed (especially @ the house when it was a bit chaotic). We had the time of our life! Thank You for staying so long and capturing such great moments! My parents thought you were fantastic as well, we love that you are husband and wife working together, we just think you're the best! we will be in touch, have the best week :) (13 Oct 08 @ 11:25pm)

Rowell: Great stuff you guys have going here! Very fresh, modern and fashionable. (10 Oct 08 @ 8:00am)

ohana photographers ~ david & kimi: one word. stunning! (09 Oct 08 @ 12:04am)

Amanda Auer: Paula I LOVE these!! This model is seriously rocking the gown for sure and your ad... you're right! It's incredible!!! (05 Oct 08 @ 6:00pm)

Lisa P.: You guys definitely did your thing! I love it all, congrats!! (05 Oct 08 @ 2:56pm)

joyful weddings and events: Love it all! (03 Oct 08 @ 8:40am)

Ray Soemarsono: Pretty damn awesome, I say! Congrats! (02 Oct 08 @ 11:00pm)

Kelly: I saw your ad the other day. It turned out fantastic! The spread looks great, too! (02 Oct 08 @ 10:09pm)

Heidi: GORGEOUS work!! I love her look! (02 Oct 08 @ 6:05pm)