bethany Murphy: Perfect in every way! WOW (11 Jun 09 @ 11:33am)

Deb and Steve Rowland: Thanks for the beautiful work you do! (23 Nov 08 @ 1:17am)

ohana photographers - david & kimi: as always guys you rock and rolled it! (12 Nov 08 @ 12:45pm)

ed pingol: Awesome set. I LOVE your processing... It's SO clean. My fave are the beach shots. Can we say AWESOME?!?! //ed (06 Nov 08 @ 11:43pm)

Gabi: Sweet pictures, just so sweet!!! (31 Oct 08 @ 5:18pm)

pearl: the picture of Abby and Avi should be in a bridal magazine. They are absolutely beautiful (26 Oct 08 @ 9:20pm)

josh solar: damn you californians and your gorgeous year round golden light! (20 Oct 08 @ 9:00am)

Jeff, La Vida Creations: I'll echo Alison's comment: the way you guys manipulate light is AWESOME! Fantastic work (as always). When are we going back to Air Conditioned? :-) (19 Sep 08 @ 10:13am)

Jory Cordy: Nice. Nice. (17 Sep 08 @ 6:22am)

Alison: Beautiful light and great photos! (16 Sep 08 @ 8:33pm)

cesar perez: WOW!!! These look amazing! Give us some more!!! (15 Sep 08 @ 7:16pm)