Damon Wilson: Hey Paula just checking in and checking out your photos. Wonderful, wonderful imagery. Sorry I did not stay in touch with you and your man after reconnecting in San Diego. Email sometime. (16 Dec 08 @ 1:27am)

nycala: these are wonderful! to be honest, I would buy prints of the whole set. in general, I think your photos are sublime (15 Oct 08 @ 4:08pm)

Tina S.: It looks like I live within a few blocks of you. :) I absolutely love the images you've caught around this neighborhood - so many people don't see all the little things - I'm glad you captured that. (22 Sep 08 @ 10:35am)

Jules Bianchi: OOOOOH! I may have to steal your idea! I LOVE it! (19 Sep 08 @ 9:24pm)

Betsy, La Vida Creations: Very cool personal project, Paula!! LOVE it. Can't wait to see the next installation. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! (15 Sep 08 @ 7:46pm)

Janelle: Love Golden Hill! (14 Sep 08 @ 9:17pm)

V: wow that was amazing... I'm going to try to do a one block radius project too! =D (13 Sep 08 @ 11:36am)

Alison: Looking at Golden Hill through your eyes makes me love our neighborhood way more! I should walk our puggle around the neighborhood more often so I can increase our odds of a chance encounter with some awesome photographers. Shelby is quite photogenic you know...(although probably not as much as Texas!) Love the post! (12 Sep 08 @ 9:06am)

Kristine: very cool concept - Golden Hill seems way more fascinating now! (11 Sep 08 @ 9:48pm)

Heidi: LOVE the second to last and the last one! There's so much going on in that photo! (11 Sep 08 @ 7:28pm)