marsken chen: so much happinesssssssssss (18 Sep 08 @ 10:38am)

Amanda Auer: Paula.. I cannot WAIT to see more!!! :) I love these! (14 Sep 08 @ 5:48pm)

joyful weddings and events: I can't wait to see more! Looks great! (11 Sep 08 @ 3:47pm)

Derek Czywczynski: Pics look good. Congratulations again! We look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. (11 Sep 08 @ 9:41am)

Andrea Hands: Can't wait to see more! Such a tease :( They look beautiful!! CONGRATULATIONS you guys!!!!! (10 Sep 08 @ 5:41pm)

Laura: The pictures are gorgeous!!!Looks like it is straight out of a wedding magazine. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. (10 Sep 08 @ 10:15am)

Theresa: Beautiful pictures!! Eric and I really enjoyed your wedding. (10 Sep 08 @ 9:37am)

Cynthia: Your blog is on my Google Reader, too. :) (09 Sep 08 @ 8:03pm)

angela: i can't wait to see the rest:o) (09 Sep 08 @ 7:20pm)

Jason: Gorgeous shots! (09 Sep 08 @ 5:09pm)

Siao: Mike and Paula, These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! (09 Sep 08 @ 4:52pm)

lindsey: hi paula and mike! such beautiful stuff. you guys are always a source for inspiration. (09 Sep 08 @ 4:20pm)

Nicole Ladegaard: I am a local graphic designer and look at your blog almost everyday! Great work! I find it very inspirational! (09 Sep 08 @ 4:09pm)

Whitney Hardie: I love your work! Every time my google reader shows your site updated I get excited to see your awesome shots. Keep up the good work (09 Sep 08 @ 2:21pm)