joyful weddings & events: Such a cute couple & great shots! (21 Aug 08 @ 2:08pm)

hollye: love the images, especially the last shot. Great lines and compostion (11 Aug 08 @ 1:59am)

chelo: I really really love the last photo! It's just wow! (06 Aug 08 @ 1:48pm)

matt sloan: looks awesome!!! (05 Aug 08 @ 12:55am)

Joe Ryan: My favorite of Megan and Kam... "In front of the truck" (04 Aug 08 @ 4:37pm)

Laurie: How Adorable.......... So Great to Be Young and In Love!!!!!!! (04 Aug 08 @ 3:28pm)

AUNTIE JIFFY: Meg and Kam, love the pictures. WANT MORE...! (04 Aug 08 @ 6:48am)

tanya: AHHHHH OMG i love them!! super duper outta control cute :) (04 Aug 08 @ 6:14am)

Heidi: Love them all, especially the TS shots!! (04 Aug 08 @ 12:30am)

Ashlie: Oh my gosh those pics are great!! I can't wait to see the rest.... (03 Aug 08 @ 10:50pm)

Meg and Kam: BEAUTIFUL guys! WOW! You are both truly awesome at what you do!! I am so glad that we crossed paths ~ thanks so much for such wonderful photos and memories!! can't wait for what's to come!! (03 Aug 08 @ 10:09pm)

Dennis: Good stuff guys! (03 Aug 08 @ 2:35pm)

david & kimi baxter: loooooove that last shot guys!! it's so grand!!!! (03 Aug 08 @ 1:34pm)