megan: your work is stunning. (02 Apr 11 @ 10:18am)

jennifer bowen: I absolutely love the way you captured this wedding. That bride has the most gorgeous smile.. and that shot of them dancing amongst all their guests, holding each others faces, is simply stunning. I just stumbled on your work and will definitely add you to my google reader :) (08 Jan 09 @ 2:39pm)

Paula Rae: that's so funny, I was just there a couple weeks ago! (04 Sep 08 @ 6:43pm)

Dan Saraceno: There is a love story in every image. Radiant is my darling Bethany. I miss you and look forward to meeting Justin in the near future! Have a great life together. With tons of love and affection...Dan (09 Aug 08 @ 9:27am)

Rocky Auten: Those are the BEST pictures I have EVER seen in my life. So beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (17 Jul 08 @ 7:07pm)

jeannette and joe`: These photographs are magical and capture the happiness and beauty of their wedding day. The black and white are our favorites. STUNNING!!! (14 Jul 08 @ 8:24pm)

Betsy, La Vida Creations: Gorgeous. Crisp. Clean. LOVE 'em! BTW, when ARE we going to get together for dinner? We were supposed to hang out after WPPI. . . now it's been months and we're in the throws of wedding season. Wanna play on a school night sometime soon in our 'hood? (12 Jul 08 @ 8:57pm)

Aunt Ri: Thanks for the pictures, they're beautiful. Will be waiting for more. Hope everything's well. Talk to you soon. (12 Jul 08 @ 9:25am)

Uncle Tony: Hey guys! The pictures are great! Lisa and I are sorry we could not be with you on your special day but we hope to see you soon. We love you both. Bethany, you looked beautiful. Talk to you soon! Tony and Lisa (11 Jul 08 @ 3:21pm)

Heidi: Speechless. These are incredible! (11 Jul 08 @ 2:02pm)

Kathy Daly: Bethany, these some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen but the subject was beautiful to start with. Many congratulations and lots of love, Kath , Alan and Joey (11 Jul 08 @ 11:11am)

Monika Tyree: Absolutely fabulous photographs, wedding, location, and my favorite, husband and wife! I was thrilled to watch it all unfold... (11 Jul 08 @ 8:56am)

Justin: Wow. We laughed, we cried...we cried, we laughed.... These are just amazing. We couldn't imagine anything better. Such great moments, things we never saw or knew was happening. Absolutely beautiful. (10 Jul 08 @ 10:51pm)

Bethany's Mom: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos. . I could cry all over again. (10 Jul 08 @ 7:43pm)

Shari Cahill: You were able to capture moments that would have been missed in a blink of an eye. These moments will now be ours for a lifetime. Simply stunning. (10 Jul 08 @ 5:21pm)

Alisa: I've never seen such awesome wedding photos before. These are outstanding. (10 Jul 08 @ 4:55pm)

Justin: Awesome. You really captured some amazing moments. Thanks guys. (10 Jul 08 @ 4:30pm)

Bethany: Amazing photos Paula & Mike! We love them and can't wait to see more! (10 Jul 08 @ 4:24pm)

joel serrato: This is gorgeous! (10 Jul 08 @ 4:15pm)