marsken: so much happiness!!!!! (01 Jul 08 @ 8:57am)

Anthony: I was wondering where that picture was taken...the metal walled one...then I saw Get Smart and I figured it out! =p (30 Jun 08 @ 8:25pm)

Joyful Weddings & Events: I love her dress & those shoes! Great shots! (30 Jun 08 @ 7:25pm)

Quynh L.: Thanks for sharing your pictures! They're awesome! I've been looking around for a photographer too so I'll probably contact yours for more info. You and Fiona look sooooo cute together!! (30 Jun 08 @ 10:07am)

Theresa: I love the location. The picture by the Disney hall looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing. (30 Jun 08 @ 9:02am)

Lysa: Wow! Vietnam you look so great! Your girlfriend is beautiful! (29 Jun 08 @ 10:43pm)

siao: amazing shots~ (29 Jun 08 @ 10:41pm)

Shoshana: gorgeous photos! (28 Jun 08 @ 8:48pm)

Shirley Ly: Love the pictures! You both look great...can't wait to see your wedding photos! (28 Jun 08 @ 1:44pm)

Anthony Wang: Those pictures are soooo great! now I can't wait to get married.....just gotta find a girl now.... (27 Jun 08 @ 5:50pm)

Amanda Auer: wow! I'm new to this blog and I LOVE these. These two are my clients, so THANKS for capturing them soo beautifully. Looking forward to meeting you in August! (27 Jun 08 @ 4:03pm)

T. SEN: You both look wonderful! Great vignetting effect on the last photo. (27 Jun 08 @ 11:09am)

kelly ho: l love the guys look so sweet and in love. (27 Jun 08 @ 11:00am)

LeTrung: awwww ... you two are so sweet . I love these pictures :-) (27 Jun 08 @ 10:01am)

Arthuro: You two look great together. I like the variety in the pictures including that overhead one, like you're in a world of your own. Looking forward to the wedding! (27 Jun 08 @ 9:28am)

Bernice: wow I love the one with the metal-sheened walls :) very pretty (26 Jun 08 @ 11:09pm)

paula luna: ahhh, fiona. thank sweet! (26 Jun 08 @ 8:01pm)

fiona and v: after two years of following your blog, it's finally our turn! yay! we love our pictures! thanks so much guys! :) (26 Jun 08 @ 7:58pm)