alldoneup: Amazing pictures, the first set of pictures is absolutely stunning! (14 Jun 08 @ 8:58pm)

Jane: Wow, these photos are amazing!! We LOOOOOOOOOVE how they turned out!! Thank you so much. (28 Apr 08 @ 1:23am)

jeannette: i loooooooooooovvvveee #2! stinkin' sweet! (26 Apr 08 @ 7:19am)

Beth Morgan: Your work is GORGEOUS!!! I'm new to the photog community and just trying to meet new people that inspire me. Yep, you do:). Thanks. I can't wait for more! Beth Morgan (25 Apr 08 @ 5:46pm)

Rebecca Crumley: Yay! New York City! New Yorkers like it when Luna's in town! Cute photo. (23 Apr 08 @ 9:48am)

Brandy: Ahhhh, love this shot! So creative! (22 Apr 08 @ 4:59pm)